Deliveroo MarketPlus

Deliveroo MarketPlus

When restaurants and takeouts need specialist delivery kits for their daily routes, they can be confident Deliveroo's gear will deliver.

The Specialists Specialist

Deliveroo needed a new platform to sell specialist delivery kit straight to their key market. The brief was to create an online store that would allow takeout and restaurant owners to buy trusted, tested and durable Deliveroo branded route kits directly.

My role as Digital Designer was to use a customised theme and utilise Deliveroo's existing brand guidelines & assets and turn them into an online web presence that delivered on the key message and seamlessly reflected the Deliveroo brand.

Kitted Out

Using Shopify as the selling and hosting platform mean't Deliveroo could easily and confidently create collections & kits for key products to sell to their customers on the fly.

Get What You Pay for

Information is important and delivery kits are no different. Part of my design brief was to ensure each product page made the most of useful insights, things such as key product features and iconography to help bring focus to the products USP's.

Size guide references, interactive image galleries and detailed product descriptions where also key to letting busy business owners know exactly what they're paying for will do the job- and then some!