Iffley Road

Iffley Road

A British clothing label creating and crafting high quality and stylish runwear for today's modern runner. Named after the Oxford track where Roger Bannister ran the first sub four-minute mile, Iffley Road aims to bring aspirational premium runwear to the masses.

Refreshing Online Presence

My role as Digital Designer was to help bring a refreshing and clean approach to the Iffley Road website. Iffley needed to move their old website forward and we approached them with a concept that would engage with their current customer-base but also engage with a whole new potential customer.

Initially I set out researching the brand and where improvements could be introduced. This included developing moodboards of imagery styles of exisiting assets, potential customers, aspirational customers and potential brand ambassadors. I approached the wireframing with the aim of re-imagining a clean and engaging site structure that could really show-off products and imagery.

British Heritage & Club Spirit

British history and heritage really help a brand connect with its audience and sporting history was an aspect Iffley had a great connection with.

We wanted to highlight the historical aspect more for Iffley. We presented the idea of using archival images and video of Roger Bannister making his historical achievement as well as trophies and historical british running club imagery.

Style + Performance

A sector of the site also wanted to push was the idea of using more true-to-life aspirational imagery for the brand. This style of imagery could be used in elements all around the site including collection cards and background images for hero blocks and key message sections.